Wolf Den: Complete NBC Shelters

Our NBC shelters are designed to withstand all of the effects of nuclear weapons including fallout, initial radiation, thermal, war gasses, and blasts to 150 psi. Shelters built to blast ratings of over 40 psi should NOT have entrances that are greater than 48" in diameter. Larger "walk in type" entrances cannot properly attenuate the "initial radiation" which could be associated with those blast ranges (see weapons effects). We do offer 7' diameter entrances, but these entrances must be a minimum of 25' in length to properly attenuate the gamma radiation from fallout and will not attenuate the initial radiation associated with higher blast levels.

We keep some shelters in stock. Most shelters, however, are made to order, and take approximately 6 weeks for completion.

Please call us at 801-380-2932 for pricing.

Complete NBC Shelter Features

  • Shelter Body
  • Steel End plates (3/8th inch thick)
  • Floor with lift out panels
  • Interior paint
  • AC outlets, DC lights & fixtures
  • 48” diameter entrance, elbow and UT2 hatch type blast door
  • 36” diameter emergency exit, elbow and UT2 hatch type blast door
  • 16 ft. kitchen cabinets, stainless steel sink, faucet, 12 volt water pump, gate valve
  • 2 pcs. Gray water drains (or septic drain if desired)
  • VA150 ventilator, high efficiency gas filter, pre-filter, blast valves, hoses, metering device
  • 6” diameter schedule 40 steel air pipes to surface
  • Chemical toilet
  • 2 pcs. Framing Pipe for door frames
  • 2 sets double bunks (4 beds)
  • 2 sets single bunks (2 beds)
  • Fold down table (slides under single bunks)
  • 4 pcs. 55 gallon water drums (200 gallon storage capacity)
  • 4 pcs. 30 gallon water drums (120 gallon storage capacity)
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