Ventilation systems are available for shelters of all sizes for occupancy from 7 to 2,000 persons. Of course, multiple units can be installed in a single shelter facility to meet any capacity requirement (some hardened shelters in Switzerland can handle more than twenty thousand people). All Andair AG air handling units are capable of both electric and manual operation and are hardened against the effects of nuclear EMP. Test samples are subjected to 16 g’s in all six directions to assure ruggedness; paint, metals and rubber hoses are tested against all war gasses; and the HEPA and charcoal filters are tested with a highly technical process to assure the proper volumes and densities needed to filter and absorb all known war gasses.

Our most popular model, the VA-150, comes standard with a 1 bar (15 psi) explosion protection valve/pre-filter assembly, air pump, exhaust over-pressure explosion protection valve, hoses, clamps, and GF150 Gas Filter. In peacetime, the system bypasses the gas filter and delivers 177 cubic feet per minute (cfm). With the gas filter connected, the recommended air rate is 88 cfm to allow for complete scrubbing of the outside air.

Manual Operation: We know from hard experience that shelter power supplies can fail. Several times in the last twenty years, we have entered our shelters to fine that the batteries were dead. Sometimes it was because the batteries had reached the end of their service life and needed replacement. Once, a battery charger of ancient design was left connected to the battery bank and it discharged the entire bank when grid power was switched off. On several occasions, lights were left on and the charger was unplugged. For whatever reason, a shelter where the ventilation system is totally dependant on electricity, leaves its owners vulnerable. The Swiss would never allow one of their shelters to be so equipped…all life-critical systems essential for shelter operations are required to be manually operable to assure readiness.

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