Tornado Shelters, Underground Storm Shelters & Cellars

Underground storm shelters and underground storm cellars are designed for natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, and earthquakes. They do not need the long entrances and 90-degree turns that are required for radiation attenuation in nuclear shelters and are slightly less expensive than the types of emergency shelters that cover 'all hazards'. Storm shelters can have short side entrances, or even “stove top” emergency exits coming from the ceiling.

They also provide good earthquake protection and can function as a safe room, as they conceal easily. Emergency storm shelters can be connected to the commercial power grid, but we discourage any connections to commercial water or sewage systems, as these utilities are at risk for backup and breakage. Each emergency shelter must have a minimum of two entrances.

An underground tornado shelter can have a larger diameter entrance with regular staircases, and do not need a deep, 10 ft. dirt cover. We recommend, however, that they have enough cover to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. If it is required to mound dirt over the shelter, it should have no more than a 30-degree slope, so that the high winds can 'walk' up and over the mound. Our doors are blast hardened to the same level as our nuclear shelters, in order to protect the entrance from heavy objects that may drop onto the structure.

Tornado warnings are usually not issued until a funnel cloud formation is imminent or other phenomena portending funnel formation have been witnessed. Power may be disrupted or family members may be sleeping during storms, and individuals may not receive the actual warning in time to seek safety. Our tornado shelter designs allow families enough room to comfortably stay, or even sleep overnight during storm alerts, so that they do not need to make a 'frantic' dash for the shelter when an actual warning has been broadcast.

Each shelter comes complete with a dc power source, battery-powered lights and communication systems. They have ample water storage for a 48-hour stay, chemical toilet seating and sleeping and seating capacity for each person.

Our T10 tornado shelter can house a small family (up to 10 individuals). It is 8' in diameter by 25' long. It comes with an ANDAIR VA75 ventilator, with both electric and manual function, four sets of double bunks and two set single bunks (sleeping or seating for 10).

On the other end of the spectrum, our T-100 is 12' in diameter and 50 feet long, and can house (short term), as many as 100 people. It has 2, ANDAIR VA150 ventilators, and seating, emergency sanitation and supplies for 100 people. This emergency shelter can easily be installed under parking lots and has been designed for commercial use or schools, where overnight stays are not required.

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