Shelter Storage Space

Ten-foot diameter shelters provide the most economical use of living and storage space for dollars spent.

  • 10-foot diameter shelter = 3 feet of under-floor (basement) storage space
  • 9-foot diameter shelter = 2 feet
  • 8-foot diameter shelter = 1 foot
Ceiling space remains constant in 8, 9 and 10 foot diameter shelters, with a center height of 7 feet.

Storage under hinged bunk seats is provided in every shelter unless otherwise requested.

Battery storage areas can be constructed upon request.

Radio shelves (upon request) fit nicely on the bulkhead, next to the ventilator.

Food and Water: We recommend storing a one-year's supply of food and 55 gallons of water per person. Water can be stored in 30-gallon barrels, under the floor of 10-foot diameter shelters or in 55 gallon barrels on top of the floor in all sizes of shelters. Water can also be stored under the floor in water bladders that form to the curvature of the tank, in any diameter shelter.

Water tanks can be buried outside with a hose attached to provide gravity flow into the shelter. These tanks must be covered with dirt at a depth that is double the diameter of the water tank. Water tanks at or near the surface are vulnerable to 'ground slap' from blast and mischief from intruders.

Large water tanks and water bladders (inside or outside) pose the risk that you may lose your entire supply in the event the containers form a leak. We prefer to use 30 and 50 gallon barrels for water storage; and in our personal shelters, we always store our water inside our shelters.
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