Shelter Location Assessment

The following assessment may help you in your underground shelter placement decision.

Download a printer-friendly version of this assessment.

  1. How high is your water table?
  2. What type of soil do you have in your location (sandy, clay, rocky, loamy)?
  3. How well does your soil drain (drains well, does not drain well)?
  4. Are there large rocks, shale or other obstacles?
  5. Do you have perma-frost?
  6. Is the location on a hill (top, middle, bottom)?
  7. How close to the proximity to your home, do you plan to place your shelter?
  8. Do you want an entrance into your home, basement or garage?
  9. Do you need an entrance that is more than 48” in diameter?
  10. Will your home or outbuilding be constructed at the same time as your shelter?
  11. Can your landscaping easily be disturbed?
  12. Do you have a sprinkler system?
  13. How densely forested is your area (light, medium, heavy?
  14. Where are your utilities accessed?
  15. Is there room to leave the overburden (leftover soil and rock), or must it be hauled and stored at another location?
  16. Where, in proximity to your home, do you plan to place your shelter (front, side, back, under driveway, etc.)?
  17. Can a crane and large truck easily access this spot?

If you would like us to evaluate the answers to this assessment, please email it to us.
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