Shelter Lighting

Lighting is provided with both an AC and DC wiring system. Miniature 12-volt lights are are placed every 8 feet along a ceiling unistrut. These lights use a standard bayonet base and may be replaced from stock found at Radio Shack. These lights are protected against blast by their installation on a sturdy wire, which hangs a couple of inches below the unistrut. During a disaster, we plan to keep one (and only one) of these miniature lights turned on at all times. As a note, LED lights may be used to replace the standard lights in the shelter. They are, however, expensive and may be vulnerable to the EMP effect. LEDs should be stored in a Faraday cage until after all threat of an EMP has passed.

During peacetime, we use the 12-volt fluorescent lighting system that comes with the shelter. We also have access to AC receptacles that have been placed every 8 feet along the ceiling unistrut, and can uses them for plug in type lamps if we desire.

We often speak of the scenario of experiencing a large earthquake in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the winter. At near or below zero temperatures, if unprepared, few people would survive the night. Our shelters would withstand a huge earthquake and all associated after shocks. We have beds, food, water, light, communications, clothing and supplies ready in our shelters at all times. We could just go to our shelters, go to bed, and deal with the earthquake in the morning!

Shelters with 7 to 10 feet of dirt cover, remain at a constant temperature between 45 F. and 65 F. Our shelters installed in the mountains of Utah, in below 0 Fahrenheit weather, never go below 45-degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter we wear lightweight jackets or sweat shirts and feel very comfortable. As occupants enter the shelter, the temperature will rise. Every person radiates as much heat as a 100-watt light bulb. The steel walls of the shelter act as a heat sink, and keep the shelter from becoming too warm. We highly recommend that NO insulation be placed on the walls or ceiling of steel shelters. No outside source of heat is needed. In peacetime, if fuel and power are not an issue, the shelters can be heated with an electric space heater.
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