Shelter Kitchens

During peacetime we cook in microwave ovens or on electric burners. We never use propane or gas in our shelters for the following two reasons. First, propane is heavier than air and if there is a leak, it could accumulate under the floor where it will pose an ignition problem. Secondly, the burning of fossil fuels, such as propane or gas, produces significant amounts of carbon monoxide.

During emergency operation, we do not use battery or electric power to cook. The preferred method of cooking during that time is via marine alcohol stoves. Unlike propane or gas, when alcohol burns it produces only carbon dioxide and water. Of course, any flame consumes oxygen and requires good ventilation. Alcohol fuel can be purchased at most any hardware or marine store. It is not explosive, but must be carefully stored, as it will act as an accelerant in the event of a fire.

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