Shelter Furniture

In areas believed to be more than 3 miles from a prime target, various items of furniture can be added to the shelters. All shelters come standard with two sets of double bunks and two sets of single sitting bunks. The bunks add a great deal of comfort and a higher quality of rest. When maximizing occupancy, sleeping should be done in shifts, and each bunk used by a different person for 8 hours during the day. All bunks have hinged tops, providing room for tidy storage of personal items or supplies. The sitting bunks face one another and provide room for a fold-up table to slip underneath, out of site. Tables are convenient and provide a more normal atmosphere to the living space for eating and socializing.

If outside the 3-mile heavy blast range, you may wish to have us add storage shelves, bathroom (including toilet, sink and gray-water drain); and a kitchen (with stainless steel sink, plumbing, 12 volt water pump, Formica countertop, and cabinets).

In areas of high blast potential, keep furniture to a minimum. Use hammocks for sleeping and secure all items to the wall. You may want to substitute two additional lengths of unistrut on the wall, for your standard bunks. The unistrut would then be used to tie-down and secure equipment and supplies.

All shelters come standard with ladders for each of the two entrances. During installation, the 48-inch diameter entrance should be tilted to a 60 degree angle. The step ladder is designed to that angle. The 36 inch diameter exit tunnel is designed for a vertical configuration to facilitate the lowering of supplies by a rope or small crane. The center floor panels are removable in 4 ft. lengths, down the entire length of the shelter. This provides easy access to supplies and keeps the shelter free of clutter.


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