Safe Rooms

After completing your risk assessment, if you find that security from home invasion is your main concern, you may wish to build a safe room. Safe rooms can be built above or below grade. Safe rooms should be built to the same standard as air locks, if using concrete as a medium. Steel shelters also make good safe rooms. Our safe room doors can be locked from both the inside and the outside. Our locking mechanism has been designed so that it can easily be dismantled from the inside in the event someone chooses to lock people in.

Typical safe doors should never be used in airlocks. Under conditions of blast or earthquake, the door could warp and block your egress. Always build an exit into your safe room, to assure two ways in and out.

There are creative ways to hide the door to your 'safe room' and/or 'air lock'. Please contact us for suggestions. Hiding this door is as important as securing the door.
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