Nuclear Shelters & Bomb Shelters

 Bomb Shelters (or Nuclear Shelters) must be designed against all nuclear weapons effects. Standard concrete shelters designed by Utah Shelter Systems offer blast protection up to a 45 psi blast level. Our engineers can, however, design concrete shelters to much higher blast levels. Our steel pipe shelters, installed at twice their diameter, can offer blast protection levels to 150 psi and can protect occupants to within 1/2 mile (1/4 mile from the crater edge) of ground zero of a 1-megaton weapon. Learn about our steel shelter design features.

Nuclear shelter entrances must be engineered with both the proper geometry and appropriate shielding material. Our engineers have carefully designed our shelter entrances to attenuate nearly all of the gamma radiation from fallout. Our nuclear shelters have entrance lengths that are at least 4 times the diameter, plus the addition of one 90- degree turn. Fallout decays very quickly, and within 2 weeks, most gamma radiation will decay to 1/1,000th of the original level.

Bomb Shelters must protect occupants against the thermal pulse, initial radiation, fallout, blast and EMP. (See Weapons Effects). All shelters built and offered by Utah Shelter Systems are of a full 'Nuclear Bomb Shelter' standard, unless otherwise requested.
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