Gas Filters

Andair AG Gas Filters protect against the following war gases:

  • Nerve gases - Organic phosphoric acid compound to include Tabune, Sarin, Somane, Tammelin Esters (VX).

  • Blister agents (Vesicants) - Organic arsenic compounds e.g. Dichloro-(2-chlorovinyl) arsine, Ethylarsine dichloride, Methylarsine dichloride. Organic sulfur and nitrogen compounds (mustard gases): e.g. Phosgene oxime, Trichloromethylchloroform oxime, Trichloroacetophenone.

  • Choking agents - Phosgene, Di-phosgene, Tri-phosgene, Chloropicrin.

  • Tear and harassing gases - Halogenated organic compounds e.g. Bromoacetone, Chloroacetophenone, Bromobenzoic cyanide.

  • Blood gases - Arsine (Hydrogen arsenide, Hydrogen cyanide, Cyanogen chloride, Potassium fluoro acetate etc.

  • Incapacitants - LSD, BZ, Indole amino alcanes, Phenyl amino alcanes, etc.

  • Toxins (Bio-toxins) - Bateriological Toxins, e.g. anthrax, plague, tularemia, as well as viral agents such as smallpox, Marburg, VEE. Ebola, etc., Zoological Toxins, Botanical Toxins.

Gas filters do NOT protect against carbon monoxide and dioxide. A separate filter is available for scrubbing carbon dioxide from the shelter atmosphere during a period of time when outside air is not suitable. This could occur if burning debris is too close to the air intake vent.

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