Disaster Shelters

 Disaster shelters come in many forms, sizes and types. Disaster shelters increase our chances for survival without injury and without becoming a burden to disaster recovery services. We believe that all communities should offer survival shelter incentives.

Disaster shelters requiring NBC (nuclear) protection require complete protection from blast, fallout, initial radiation, EMP, fire, and chemical and biological filtration. This type of emergency shelter is often called a 'bomb shelter'.

Natural disaster shelters, providing tornado, fire, storm and earthquake protection, do not require chemical and biological filtration. They do not need small diameter entrances with 90-degree turns for radiation protection, and can have 'walk in' type entrances. They are, therefore, slightly less expensive than 'bomb shelters'. This types of shelter can provide the needed protection without the requirement for deep overburdens of soil or concrete. However, if these disaster shelters were installed in areas of severe temperature variations, it would be advisable to cover them with 6 to 8 feet of soil, as the dirt cover acts like an insulating blanket.
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