Blast Doors

The ANDAIR PT and PD series underground shelter armored blast doors are designed for a ‘walk in’ vertical configuration.

The PT series 8” thick concrete fill provides both radiation and blast protection for concrete blast shelters. These blast resistant doors are manufactured in Switzerland have been tested and built to Swiss army standards. They are steel framed, ready to be filled with concrete. The PT doors must always open towards the blast threat. They fit against the wall and frame (not inside), which gives them greater blast resistance and protects them from jamming inside the frame during blast or earthquake movement. The door and doorframe should be poured into the concrete wall of the blast shelter during shelter construction. They can, however, with additional reinforcement, be retrofitted into existing shelters.

Our NATO type doors come with a heavy steel skin covering both the back and front of the frame, for additional blast and armor piercing protection.

All ANDAIR PT and PD series doors arrive via airfreight from Switzerland. Delivery time from Switzerland is approximately 3 weeks. Allow time for items to clear customs before taking delivery. We will inform you when your order is ready. Price includes all transport, customs and handling to your nearest international airport. Delivery to your job site can be quoted upon request.


PT1- 3'900 chf

80 cm x 185 cm x 20 cm (31” x 72” x 8”)

PT2 - 4'600 chf

100 cm x 185 cm x 20 cm (39" x 72" x 8")

PD - 3'230 chf

60 cm x 80 cm x 20 cm (24” x 31 ” x 8”)

Other sizes available upon request.

Please call for current pricing on the PT and PD series ANDAIR doors. The dollar rate continues to change (Swiss Francs rising).

*There is a "knockoff" design of the Swiss made PT doors, by a company in the United States with a similar name to ours. Their doors are far inferior (though priced near the same) to the Swiss made ANDAIR and LUNOR doors. Their doors have not been blast tested, and their hinges are far too small and weak to properly bear the weight of the concrete fill. Buyer beware.

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